Enable hibernation in windows Vista

Certainly windows vista is pain for many, that includes me as well. But somehow i have to live with it because that is the OEM version i got with my laptop. Windows XP was way better than this drag. Lol.. lets not condemn Vista anymore and let me show you

How client server model works in websites

In this tutorial I am going to tell you the things from the scratch. What you need to have is an attentive and willing brain, that is all I require from you to understand this tutorial. Basically, Internet is nothing but interconnected computers. These computers are connected across the globe

Simple Timer in javascript

This tutorial shows you a simple count down timer in javascript, which you can modify according to your need.. This is in javascript, hence it is not as powerful as it should be, like if a user refreshes its browser, the value is not stored anywhere, and the countdown timer

Hide/show div,elements with javascript

In this tutorial i am going to explain how can we hide or unhide elements on a webpage using simple javascript function. Let me tell you this function is very basic and can be extended according to your requirement. There are certain readymade libraries/frameworks available like jquery,prototype. These make it

Create Horizontal Menu in WordPress

I know this is just another tutorial you found online for creating horizontal menu on a self hosted wordpress blog. But this is going to be really basic for those who do not want any fancy menus to start with. The more of you can be found here I created

Changing permalink in wordpress

Some of you might have faced problem when it comes to changing your permalink structure in wordpress. Well it seems difficult but plugins make your life go easier. 🙂 Here is small neat plugin which helps you nicely change your blog’s permlink structure without having to lose your visitors and

Automating the Copyright year information

This trick is really basic but is useful for automating an important information for your blog. If you have a copyright information defined anywhere in your blog with the year in it(usually present at the footer), then you might have to change the year everytime and sometimes you just forget.

Making iGoogle Gadget in 3 Steps

Hey guys, In this tutorial/post i am gonna show you how to make a simple google gadget in three steps. This iGoogle Gadget then can be added on iGoogle page. You do not require any sorta scripting language for this and do not even require any webspace for that. You

Using JSON with PHP, javascript |Tutorial 1

Hi Programmers, Heard about JSON, and wandering how the hell you gonna implement it with PHP. And why would one use JSON when you have ajax and other alternatives. Well first of to understand JSON, i would recommend you to go through the JSON introduction part which i covered in