Adding a class to an element using javascript

There are times when you need to add/change a class for a particular element. This can be very easily achieve using the className method. Please refer to the following snippet of code to understand how it works. Explanation is given after the code. <script type="text/javascript"> function addClass(obj) { obj.className="highlight"; }

Use Smartphone as a Modem

If you own a laptop and a smartphone coupled with an unlimited data plan, then you could be in for a nice treat today. Anyone that’s bound to the internet can tell you that being stranded without internet access is not much fun. It could drive anyone crazy! When all

Online Photoshop for you

Hey guys, Look what i found, its an online image manipulation tool. It is more like photoshop and can do lots of stuff that a normal photoshop install can do. Its built in flash. Of course it is no where comparable to actual Adobe Photoshop, but still you can dig

Its a framework world!!

Gone are the days when you need to start writing you code from the scratch. I personally “used to be” a strong promoted of scratch coding, where in i used to do the following task to achieve better code development. Create proper folder structure Use a templating engine Define generic

Using .htaccess for day to day work | Part 2

This .htaccess is continuation to my previous blog post(Using .htaccess for day to day work), which recorded a lot more hits than expected. I would enlist some other tricks/function we can achieve using this magic .htaccess file. For those who are reading this tutorial for the first time or are

Gmail now adds SMS chat function

According to webmonkey gmail has launched a new service, in which users can sent text messages to mobile phones using the web gmail interface. Yet another step in technology which is definitely different than anyone else could provide. I definitely dont see anyone other than yahoo to provide such feature.

install .run files in ubuntu

HI, This entry may be useless for people who are using UBUNTU for a while now. But still i am writing this for the newbies 😛 you can assume these files to be like .exe in linux flavour. To install a run file follow the steps 1) Open terminal window