@spam reporting on twitter

i was just hopping around twitter and was trying some blind guesses on http://twitter.com/_______ and i discovered lot many new links. During the process i discovered there is a spam reporting link inside twitter. I am sure most of you wanna check this out. You can follow it here I

Detect chrome using php

The other day i was coding arround and i found that i need to know if the user is using the new shiny browser chrome. So for that i wrote a small snippet and wanted to share with you guys. Here is how we do in php. function is_chrome() {

Using .htaccess for day to day work

.htaccess is a word which every developer has heard. But they skip it because some think its too hard to understand. But I am sure nothing is hard for a good programmer. Well .htaccess is a file which is used to define behaviour of your directories and server request to

Change background color in NetBeans

I downloaded the NetBeans for my expedition in Ruby on Rails and first thing i wanted to do was change the background to black. I searched internet as i am not a very big fan of NetBeans (though i should admire the best IDE). Well i couldn’t find much of

Alternate to wordpress in Java

Those who do not like PHP as much as i do or many others but still want to enjoy things in the php way like, wordpress , now now an option in java also. nWordpress is an alternate to wordpress(written in php) written completely in java. Numiton says the following

Nokia Tube:5800 XpressMusic launched

Nokia Tube is here ,guys, and now it’s called the 5800 XpressMusic… clever marketing on Nokia’s part because they don’t want to draw direct comparisons to the iPhone and the XpressMusic line is quite popular in the low end, at least in the U.S. It’s music-centric device, says Nokia, and

Some Geek Quotes for you

I have collected, these quotes from mail around the internet etc. This can be used on tshirts, display names etc etc. There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t If at first you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0 I’m not

HTML 5 | changing the web

HTML 5 , seems a little different to thing because we (especially the new generation) never heard of version coming for HTML, but yes it is true. Almost after a decade HTML took a leap to HTML 5 a new web standard that may change the way we look at

Comparison of String with Integer failed

Hiya beginners, yeah i know only beginners would end up landing this thread becasue this error is faced at beginning level of rails programming. Well it is simple and very logical error, as you are trying to compare a string with an integer. oh ok, you know logic, i m

Firefox 3:Updates to 3.0.2

As soon as i opened firefox today it notified that the baby has upgraded itself to the latest version and is ready to face new security risks and other vulnerabilities. Earlier version of firefox used to crash more often for me, may be some sorta Addon crash or something. This

What exactly JSON is ?

Heard the term JSON and wondered what it is ? Well you should be its growing up these days and at first it seems like it is just another framework like jquery or some library in javascript. But let me tell you its something you might want to use more