[News] Sony Ericsson Launches multiple phones

Sony Ericsson recently had an event at Trident in Mumbai. Mr. Prasun Kumar – Marketing Head launched two new handsets & showcased few more. Packed with features that todays generation will relate too, the pricing will decide whether, they are a success or a novelty.

[How to] Setup Tikona Wireless correctly

Owing to its competitve pricing, Tikona is gaining pupolarity. However, owing to some topographical factors, compliants are frequesnt. this post highlights some ways to minimizethos & have a pleasant experience surfing the web using Tikon Wireless Internet.

Invites for CircleMe – Be Yourself

Undoubtedly, Social networking websites are something on which we spend most of our time daily. You are connected via Twitter, making Foursquare check-ins , and of course sharing photographs and events on Facebook. What is your life – I think a interconnected likes, pictures, information between you and your friends,

MS Windows slow as snail,optimize in few clicks

Windows users have long felt the need for simplistic history & Registry cleaner with no frills & that gets the job done with minimal clicks. Basically a minimalistic program.
In this post there are the Big guns & then there is a little nifty & great program which only does what is exactly desired. Read on to find out.

Now Google to help you in making Recipes

What if you search for your favorite food, dessert  in Google and along with search results you get some awesome recipe filters ? Yes, now when you search for a recipe on Google it recognizes it and display it’s ingredients along with other options – stunning ? I was searching

Google helps to understand tech jargon

Google has started publishing videos that will make you understand Technical Jargon in simple english. Google privacy channel is present on YouTube which gets updated with all the videos concerning user’s security. Google’s effort to make web safe for users is commendable. User’s might feel bored to go through safety

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