As we bring various guides to secure you online. We bring this guide on how to avoid scammers while surfing online.

The many opportunities that you can find online are almost the same number of scammers you will bump into. Yes. Scammers are lurking around on the virtual world. They are good at it and you never know their real identity even how they look like. Thus, it would be too difficult to arrest these culprits and we are going to be talking here International laws and the country’s laws of the scammer on how to deal with the crimes he committed.

Being scammed is not something that everyone is dreaming of. Of course, nobody wants to be ripped off with his hard earned money, right? However, this can not be avoided especially when you are online 7 days a week trying to have your ends meet looking for online opportunities wherein you can earn big time and be the next creator of a famous website that will have an estimated value of billions like that of YouTube and Facebook.

The following are tips on how to avoid scammers at all cost:

  1. Never ever attempt to post your email ad online.
  2. When connecting to a public connection like on the library or WiFi, clear your history and do not login to your bank account.
  3. Do not approve a friend request from people whom you do not know personally.
  4. Stay away from clicking on suspicious ads saying you will get things free or earn $1,000/hr for a data entry work.
  5. If you are on search for a date on an online dating site, do not be deceived by the picture; you never know he is the opposite of what he is projecting to be online.
  6. When they are asking for money to be sent through Western Union, and insisting on you doing it – it’s a red flag! Do not send money at all cost.

As the saying goes, nobody will scam you if you do not allow them to. Therefore, do not give away a hint to a scammer out there that you are weak and easily to be deceived. Project a strong personality and be vigilant on every transaction and activity you do online. This will serve you as your protection from these scammers.

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Sachin Khosla

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