Sleek Audio has always turned out winners in wired Audio (SA6)  & Wireless Audio (CT6). But with a price tag of USD 250 for SA6 & USD 375 for CT6 Aura, (CT6 Custom is slightly cheaper at USD 350) BOTH were out-of-reach for enthusiastic Music lovers.

Sleek Audio has always tried to provide tailor-made / custom audio experiences with features like: Custom sized single / dual-flanged ear tips, custom tuned dynamic driver, treble tip options, bass ports, detachable cables for instant wired to wireless transformation

Sleek Audio is so obsessed with customization that they ask customers to send in MOULDS of their Ear cavity (for CT6). Sleek, then moulds the CT6 & sends back a fully customized set of earphones to you.

Sleek Audio SA1 only has changeable tips (single / dual-flanged). This itself is enough for a near-perfect fit.

The screw-like structure known as treble tuning port, found in sleek products is the patented Variable Equalization (VQ) System. It is to rotated to adjust the frequency response of the earphones to match your individual sonic preference

The VQ system is supposed to find the right sound for your individual ears for optimal performance! (A trial & error technique), which is lengthy but surely worth it.

All Sleek Earphones are supplied in an exclusive hard-case shown below:














The earphones are encased in Siam Rosewood body, which provides unique resonant (similar to sound of beating drums) features that create the naturally balanced sound signatures. A 4.5 Feet (Long!) wire with Standard 3.5mm Plug (Golden Tip) is thrown in.

Multi-pack Ear-Buds (Single & Double-Flange) complete the package.









The crucial Difference between SA1 & SA6 (apart from the price) is illustrated in the SA6 Image Below:






SA6 has: Treble Tuning Tips (b) & Bass Tuning Ports (e). These additional customization adds to the cost of the head-phones. These features are lacking in the SA1.

Finally, the detachable cables can instantly convert your Sleek head phones into a wireless USING (once again) patented Kleer CD Quality wireless system (Not included in the bundle. Sold Separately: USD 120). This is basically a Transmitter / Receiver Combo shown below. The transmitter goes into a STANDARD 3.5mm Audio Jack & transmits audio wirelessly to the Receiver Station, which in turn is connected to the earphones, without the loss of Audio quality.

sleek_audio_wireless_Transmitter sleek_audio_wireless5



With a price tag of ONLY 80 Dollars!! (about INR 4500 delivered) Never have such speakers been available at such LOW prices!! Sleek Audio has ALWAYS surpassed people’s expectations. I am sure Audiophiles (on a budget) will surely LOVE this!

TIP: Before embarking on ANY customization, simply listen to the NEW headphones very carefully. Then listen in to your OLD headphones. This should give you a clear idea what settings to use. With ONLY Treble tuning  & changeable buds, the customization, then, is very easy.

I just LOVE their justification of splurging on Costly Headphones:

“You just spent $300.00 on the latest MP3 player, $100.00 for the custom case and docking station, $100.00 in downloaded music and 3 days downloading your music collection. And you listen to it all through a $5.00 pair of ear buds?”

Though Indians generally do not spend so much on their Audio Equipment, Poor-Quality Headphones are the core reason, your audio experiences can vary from: WOW!! to hmm….OK!

Happy Listening!!

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