Well I have been trying various twitter clients since my twitter odyssey. I have reviewed Seesmic Desktop client , Seesmic Web recently and world is welcoming seesmic. But applications like seesmic, tweetdeck etc are quite heavy and are actually designed for multi-user account handling. They are also designed to handle your Facebook account as well. So these desktop clients let user create their communities on the desktop from where they can respond and update their statuses.

However, a simple user might not want this all kitchen and sink which comes bundled with these applications. I was recommended to review Twitter Destroy by my friend Riti25 today. Destroy Twitter is one such twitter desktop application which is light in weight and easy to use. It is again powered by Adobe AIR and works on top of AIR. But unlike the other clients it is light in weight and takes up very little space on your desktop, see this.


Features dt-auto

The layout is very well arranged for easier use and tweet get updates automatically. But if you want to update explicitly then you can hit ctrl+r on the keyboard, that is the normal shortcut to reload pages in the browsers. This is important because I could not see any button to refresh the tweets.

You can also save the tweets (ctrl + s) . Saving is nothing but adding the tweet to favorites.

You can create groups of your twitter friends.

Autofill is one feature which i found in this twitter client, unlike the others. As long as i remember this feature is missing in Seesmic and tweetdeck both.They name it as Friend lookup, which shows up as soon as you type @ for sending a tweet.

For a list of such more shortcuts, see the documentation page.

Themes & Wider UI

If you think you still want to see all the three windows timelines, replies, messages at a single point of time, then  you can choose Wider Workspace option from the preferences. So that will give you an option to have those windows covering all your desktop space like the other clients discussed above.

Another good option that is available in Destroy Twitter is that you can change its UI by changing its theme. You can choose themes from the readymade available at the destroy twitter theme area. If you think you are different and you want to build your own theme, you can use this Theme Builder which lets you create your own using the Web Interface and submit it to the community, if you wish to.

Hope you enjoy this one.

Download Destroy Twitter now

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