indica-vista-D90Tata has launched it’s new variant called Indica Vista D90 and with the help of blogadda I got to drive this car for 3 complete days. In this post I am going to share my experience with the car.

First of all, I am not an “Auto blogger” so do not expect technical stuff like engine power, displacement etc. However, I have been driving a diesel car, Maruti Ritz, since last 3 years so can relate to that. As soon as I saw the new Vista D90 I noticed it’s new makeover. To me it looked more spacious, bigger and quite taller. And yes, the dashboard has got way better than previous variants of Vista. It has got integrated bluetooth connectivity which provides music streaming and calling facility from your bluetooth enabled handset. The call facility comes handy when you are driving in a traffic like Delhi, where you do not reach to a destination quickly and you cannot avoid taking calls. You can simply answer calls while driving and it works like a charm. I use a BlackBerry phone and have noticed issues with some car’s bluetooth integration, but with Vista D90 connecting my phone connected in few seconds.

Things which quickly got be in love with the car are it’s interiors, the dual color dashboard, integrated stereo and the ability to play, disc, music via usb / auxiliary and of course the radio. You can also adjust the height of driver’s seat and the best part is that the intelligent information system of this car tells you the current fuel average and the overall average your car is having. Also, it shows “Kms remaining” before you need to fill your fuel tank – quite impressive, no? Ah did I mention, the lumbar support lever which gives little cushion to the lower back, perfect for long / tiring driving.

In terms of security, this car comes with Dual Airbags, and the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). But overall, the handling of the car is pretty AWESOME and that’s one of the reasons I might want to ditch my own car, Maruti Ritz. I drove this car on Agra Expressway and I can definitely say that this car is awesome for driving on highway. It is more stable, good at handling and has got really good suspension. Again, I am trying to compare handling, suspension with my own car and have found Vista D90 better than it. Also the new 90PS engine adds to more power of the car while driving. There were times when I get stuck in Delhi traffic and this car also impressed while driving in city traffic.

I also drove the car in rain and really liked the intelligent wiper feature. When the front wipers are moving you can reverse the direction of rear wiper. Of course the defogger comes handy for the rear glass.

From outside the car looks HUGE. I am not much impressed with the dual colors for outside body, but then it’s matter of one’s choice. It seems more taller,wider and heavier than Maruti Ritz.

But of course there are few things which bugged me or in other words which I did not like –

The pickup of the car is little sluggish until you move to the 3rd gear. That’s really strange and felt quite different, since this is totally opposite to Maruti Ritz car. The later has got a great pickup even on 1st gear like a Petrol car. This is still a BIG question in my mind for which I could not find an answer.

Also, there isn’t too much door storage available so I kinda missed storing water bottles on proper place or the cold drink glass which comes handy when you buy stuff to eat via drive thru.

Overall the car is very good in this section and is definitely a must buy if you need stability, features, comfort and feeling of big car. And I must say, this car is different in good terms than previous versions of Tata Vista. If you are planning to buy a Diesel car sooner, would advise you to take test drive of Vista D90 once and I am sure you will impressed.

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Sachin Khosla

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