Digimantra Services

A short story about Digimantra to give an example of our work. I used to publish a personal blog with the name realin.co.in , which was mixture of technical and other trivial stuff. However the technical blog posts written there used to get the highest traffic. As a result realin.co.in got Page rank 3.

However it was high time for me to separate technical posts from the other posts and on May 25, 2009 I founded Digimantra. So the day we started Digimantra which obviously had ZERO page rank and with our SEO optimization we got Page Rank 4 in just no time but one month. We do not use any sort of unethical way to make your pages reach into google and fact is there is nothing like that, which can boost your links into Google’s Index. With the proper URL redirection and SEO optimization when Google’s Page Rank cards shuffled we got Rank 4 straight from Zero.

We are continuously progressing in the Alexa ‘s Page ranking and other statistics. So if you want to avail services offered by us, please fill the form below, describing what sort of services you require. After we get your query, we will get back to you through the E-mail provided by you and send you the cost of the work.

You may contact us for any of the following services :

  • Moving your wordpress blog from one hosting provider to another.
  • Optimizing your blog or web site if you plan to change domain name – without having to lose a single visitor. It also includes changing Old links to new links in google and other search engines.
  • Moving your blog from one blogging service eg. blogger to another.
  • A detailed report for all the failed requests made to your blog. Helps tracing any unwanted attempts to your blog.
  • SEO Optimization for your blog or web site
  • Creating theme for wordpress
  • Any sort of plugin development or web site development.