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In this developing and high paced developing world, the role of social media is imperative in mobilizing communities and people are much involved in disseminating information via these networks. Instagram is considered as the most prominent source to motivate followers or customers. Most people are fans of certain opinion leaders or they are attracted towards some specific objects. There are strategies that are recommended to promote your profile and image. Let’s understand why Instagram is the best promotion channel for your business:

  • Cross promoting profile

This is the best way to promote your profile. Whereby you can create links and expand your followings. Because, most of the people are active on social media networks and they tend to take an interest in following their fans on these networks. It is also worth mentioning that cross promoting profile doubles your linkages. Creating pages on social media networks, you send requests to your friends to like it coupled with following and suggesting to other friends.

  • Timely updating your posts

In order to get more people involved with your posts, you are required to update your posts from time to time. The more you update your posts, the more people will be notified and updated about your post thus giving you the best opportunities to promote your brand.

  • Develop worthiness of posts

The updated posts should be interesting and attention grabbing so that everyone should be much more interested to see and follow your posts. Thus the horizons of your fame will automatically increase.

  • Your followers are your great assets…do engage them

For effective promotion it is pertinent to engage your followers and customers. You should create friendly and attractive discussions whereby they can share their views and further disseminate information related to your brands and products. It is also to be noted that creation is also vital for enhancing promotion.

  • Creating a sense of love and affiliation

This is important that you create a sense of love of affiliation and love for your fans that enhances the goodwill of the company. This love is created in the form of Instagram. It is the best way to project your love with your followers. Share milestones with them or give them some freebies, you can do this all via Instagram.


Based on the above cited discussion, it can clearly be stated that Instagram plays prominent role in effective promotion and marketing. It is used as the major source of marketing and advertisement in today’s technological and globalized era. It is also worth noting that trends of such sort of promotion are replacing the traditional way. So keeping in view the importance of this, it is recommended that for effective marketing, it should be used as a major source of promotion.

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