Front-end development is the coolest part of the complete web development process. Ever now & then you get to see new libraries and articles coming out. Basically, the Internet is full of various tools for front-end development. In short, you have got tool for everything.

In this post, I am going to share 5 useful JavaScript libraries that can help your front-end development.


A powerful JavaScript library that lets you manipulate & display dates easily. It’s light in weight (near to 12kb) and can be used easily in web applications. For instance to display 10 days back from current date, you simply have to do –

moment().subtract(10, 'days').calendar();  //will display date in the format mm/dd/yyyy



Tired of adding social media login integration to your website? Well, look no further, because this library provides to various number of platform integration with standardized paths and common response. So you do not have to go through all those documentations and follow steps to integrate APIs & SDKs. Simply include Hello.js library into your project and get going. Here’s a quick start link for Hello.js

GitHub –


Hate regex and creating validations? Well hate no more, since you have is.js to escape. Be it email, phone number or any such validations is.js is quite is easy to use and extend. Some examples –''); //check if the given string is valid email 
is.creditCard(378282246310005);  //checks for valid credit card

GitHub –


Underscore provides over 100 functions that can ease your day to day work in JavaScript. It gives a lot of programming function that will help you be super productive while writing JavaScript code. And the best part is it’s just 5.7KB in production which means it will sit in your application stack quite light weight.

GitHub –


A simple lightweight, zero dependency JavaScript library for Autocomplete solution. Simply include the JS & CSS file and get thing running in less than a minute. It is just 2KB after minimized and for use in production, isn’t that Awesomplete!!


I understand there are many JavaScript libraries that are useful and quite helpful in day to day programming. So share the ones you love the most and we will include that in our next post.

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Sachin Khosla

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