When you are using an Operating system, no matter MAC or Windows you need a task manager. Task manager is nothing but an application which shows you the process, programs of an operating system and you can see the memory , processor power consumed by them. The name “Task Manager” is not standard name; but is taken from the most used operating system in this world which is “Microsoft Windows“.

In MACintosh we call it as “Activity Monitor”. So in MAC OS X Task Manager == Activity Monitor. Many new MAC users search this utility program with the name Task Manager. So for those users posts like these exists on many blogs over the internet.

Using the Task Manager in MAC

Our very old friends, I mean Windows users invoke this utility by pressing the 3 key combination which is – Ctrl + Alt + Del. However, in Macintosh the Activity Monitor is placed in Applications/Utilities  folder.  But to access this smart Task Manager in MAC you can simply type Activity Monitor in the Spotlight utility. You can open Spotlight tool by hitting Command Button plus SpaceBar.

Ending a process using Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor shows the list of the programs/processes along with their memory and processor usage.  From the top dropdown, you can filter the System process Vs your programs (which you can relate easily). You can see the list and check what process is not needed or you think is an solicited memory hungry process. Simply select that process and click Quit Process.

Along with this the Activity Monitor gives you real time stats for CPU, Disk Usage, Memory etc. So with this you know the in/out of your machine, kudos sparky !!

But hold on ! You do not need to master this utility at all. I am sure you won’t be using it much in your MAC machine. But there are slight chances that some 3rd party applications do the memory clog and may upset the system’s appetite; so for the conditions like that this utility comes handy.

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