Heard about webcasts ? What is it exactly ?  Webcasts are nothing but broadcasts over the internet. Ever wanted your conferences, reunification, lectures to be streamed live, so that people those who can not attend it can be part of it ? Well then today I am going to tell you about something very similar. There are many websites that allow you to do this but here I am going to talk about one particular site that I myself use USTREAM.TV


It is as simple as 1-2-3 ,

Go to the url  www.ustream.tv .

Create or login with your ustream account (OPEN ID won’t work ).

Connect your camera to your system. On the upper bar of your ustream account click on “your shows” . Fill in the name of your show and click on broadcast now . Once done it will ask you for camera and microphone access rights click on allow. Now you will see a console, manage your camera settings like brightness, focus etc, once done you can click on start broadcast.


Your friends can visit the site and search for the event with the name that you created it and can actually be part of your event from their home

Well you need to keep few things in mind, first you need to have decent internet connection. What ever you webcast, its public. Everybody and anybody can watch it. Do not post content that may embarrass you later.

There are many exciting features like live poll, where the audience can actually participate in a live poll. You can even upload live video from your mobile phone . Apart from this you can also catch live videos on your iPhone .

Go on guys , webcast anything , shows , proposals to clients , your newly built house, from anything to everything . So next time you have a party at home or friend’s wedding on the other part of globe, watch it live streamed.

Hope that helps !!!

Stay Digified !!!
Nitish jha

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