9. Next we work on the menu items. To make a menu item, simply deselect the main_body selection (Ctrl/Cmd + D) and create a new one of the size you want your button to be. Use the guides!!
Once that is done, save this selection with the name “button”.
Go to “Select>Load Selection”, and use the following settings to merge the 2 selections. You can get a more detailed tutorial for selections here.

Now, repeat this step for any number of buttons you need… I wanted 3, so I did it 2 more times.

10. Once the basic shape is complete, Create a new layer, and fill the selection with white. Double click on the layer in the Layers Palette to open the Blending Options. Use following settings:

Set Fill Opacity under the Blending Options to 20%.

11. This is what it should look like now… If not, try it out again, and then contact me if you are still having trouble.

Make a selection similar to that shown above for the main content/body of the website.
Go to “Select>Modify>Contract”. Enter 10px as the radius. This will shrink your selection by 10px from all sides.
Make a new layer, fill the selection with White. Repeat for a similar selection for the sidebar.

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