12. Now we work on the logo. This is totally up to you, so you can skip this step.

Select the “Custom Shape Tool”, set it to “Selection mode”, not path or shape. I have used the following shape. Make this on a new layer.

13. Hold Shift while clicking and dragging to maintain proportions. Place the logo at a nice position using the guides.
“Ctrl/Cmd + Click” on the thumbnail of the layer to select the shape. Fill with color of choice.
Contract selection by 2 pixels.

14. Pick up the “Elliptical Marquee Tool”. Hold “Alt/Option + Shift” while making an ellipse over the existing selection of the crown. This will cause the new elliptical selection to intersect with the crown shaped selection. ie. only the common area will remain selected.

Create a new layer. Fill the selection with White. Lower opacity to 40%.

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