In this tutorial I am going to tell you the things from the scratch. What you need to have is an attentive and willing brain, that is all I require from you to understand this tutorial.

Basically, Internet is nothing but interconnected computers. These computers are connected across the globe through various means, like cables, wireless, satellites, radio links etc. Now when i type in the browser, what happens actually?

You should be aware of that is a domain name, when we type this in our browser; the domain is changed into corresponding IP address. The request from you (client) is made to the interconnected computers (over internet) to the IP address for the content you asked i.e. the homepage of

Now when the connection is made, the data is send to you and is received by your browser, your browser then interprets it and displays it for you. This one is simple if you get it, but this is the basis of internet and is explained in the simple terms.

So what we can say is that, we are clients and we send request to the server through our browsers(Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) and the server processes our request and sends it back to us and we are able to see the webpage through this browser. There are various protocols available, but more important is you should know about “http

http :: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

It works on your computer’s port number 80

These days we use https protocol where “s” stands for Secure. You must have noticed this while logging into Gmail, Orkut etc.

So if we try to understand a little deeper about the request we send then we can see the URL in the following way

General Structure of the URL (Uniform Resource Locator )

protocol://domain name/directory-on-server/file.extension of file

And Now if we compare it with the much familiar URL then

I guess you would be able to understand the URL by comparing the above to URLs.

So that means whatever we request is sent to the server, and is processed at the server and is sent back to us.

Now, that you are aware of client-server model, we can summarize this in short as ::

We are the clients who send request which is processed at server and is sent back to us.

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