wordpress-icon-150x1501Well this post is not for the regular RSS readers, but sure is for those nomads who look around how to setup wordpress on their systems and land on to Digimantra using Google Search. I know wordpress is one Open Source blogging application which is pretty easy to install but for some who are not so “Computer Friendly” its like rocket science. I have seen people paying to install a new theme , plugins, changing header text, logo etc 😛

This is how it goes, well without wasting much of  your time, let me get straight to the business. Let me put it in short steps and then explain those one by one.

1) Download XAMP, wordpress (try to download the latest version, links may change in future, please use google for broken links)

2) Install XAMP.

3) Extract the downloaded wordpress file and keep it into the xamp’s htdocs directory.

4) Start XAMP server and create new database.

5) In the browser type http://localhost/wordpress (wordpress being the directory name pasted in the step 3).

Now let me explain these one by one.

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