1) Download Xamp , wordress

Probably that is the most simplest part of this post, i hope you are already done with it and have those files handy with you.

2) Install Xamp and Start the server

After you have downloaded the Xamp executable, please double click to install it and it will ask you the directory in which it has to install. Please specify the one which is convenient to you, like if you do not want to lose the data then choose the one which does not have your operating system, usually the Drive D.


3) Extract the downloaded wordpress file.

When you downloaded wordpress you must have got a zip or compresses file. Please extract that file and you will get a folder names wordpress which will contain all the magical scripts of wordpress and enough stuff to start your own blogging career 🙂 Copy this folder and paste it into the xamp_install_directory\htdocs\ . You probably want to change wordpress to something more friendly like mysite, such that the folder hierarchy now will be xamp_install_directory\htdocs\mysite.

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