5) Installing WordPress

Finally the time has come where you actually gonna hit the browser and start you own blog in just few seconds. Copy paste or type it in your browser http://localhost/mysite , i assume that mysite is the name of the folder which u copied in the step 3. Now follow the steps as written below to successfully install the wordpress.

Step 1 –  After you open http://localhost/mysite .. you will be asked to create configuration file. Hit the button !!

Step 2 – On the next screen, read the instruction (if u want to :P) and then hit Let’s Go !!

Step 3 – In this step enter the information as show in the image below :


Step 4 – After you hit submit, you will be taken to next page, where you gotta hit, Run Install !!

Yeah that was all, you have the wordpress installed phewwww.. Now enter the blog title, email address etc as per your convenience and ponder into the world’s best blogging application 🙂

Thanks to Matt for creating such a great application.

If still you got any problems, just let me know.

Sachin Khosla

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