wordpress-stats-pluginI recently moved all my blog post to this new domain. Moving whole blog across the wordpress is an easy task (read here to know more), but some times things get weird. When I moved my blog everything was working awesome and this site was up, but then i realized that one of my favorite and essential plugin wordpress.com stats wasnt working. I thought it would take some time as the blog just got hit, but around 24 hours passed and nothing seem to be clicked.  I was then worried if the old users are being redirected properly or no, but the statpress was logging a healthy traffic. Here are the steps i followed to troubleshoot this :

1) I deactivated the plugin and removed the folder completely, downloaded the fresh zip file and installed once again. But still the problem was same.

2) I then try go through the documentation of plugin and FAQs. I read one important point there and it said you need to include wp_footer() at the end of your theme files for this plugin to work properly.

Wow that was a pretty cool thing, as soon as I put the following line in my theme’s footer.php , the stats were there.Actually I had designed the theme and I din care to include the wp_footer function and hence the problem 😛

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

Hope this helps someone like me 😛

Realin !

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