Always wondered how to leave a reply to specific comments or a thread like replies. Well wordpress made it very simple for you. The function wp_list_comments accepts various useful parameters . There is one parameter called max_depth which is going to do the trick for you. If you open your themes folder (wp-content/themes/your_active_theme_folder) then you will see comments.php . Open that file in the built-in theme-editor of wordpress or if you are using FTP then open it any text-editor.

Carefully examine the file and look around for wp_list_comments function. Look for the params which are already passed. If there are no parameters, then pass them like this.

<?php $args=array("max_depth"=>"22"); ?>
<?php wp_list_comments($args); ?>

If the above method doesn’t work, please let me know..

Realin !

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