wordpress-icon-150x150I got a different requirement for WordPress blog this time. The client’s requirement was to change WordPress admin’s language but not to change the blog’s language. The first thing that struck me  was to use WPLANG function of wordpress, and use the desired language. But that way it changes the complete wordpress language.

However, a simple plugin WP Native Dashboard can let you change the language of your wordpress admin panel. It lets you choose from following option to change the language of your wordpress admin.

  1. logon screen extension – user can specify his/her preferred language during logon
  2. dashboard quick switcher extension – user can easily switch language at every admin page
  3. user profile setting – each user can define at profile his/her preferred language

The best part is that, it automatically scans the wordpress repository for the new or available languages for the current wordpress install. This facilitates you to simply choose your desired language to be used in the admin panel.

So next time you need to change the language for wordpress admin, you do not have to follow any cumbersome process. Simply download WP Native Dashboard plugin, enable it, choose your language and youa re good to go.

Hope that helps.

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Sachin Khosla

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