Hey Guys,

I was configuring blog for one of my friend and his requirement was little different. He wanted to keep all the admin related files into a different folder while he wanted his root direcoty to be clear. Now that was something which some of us like to do with our blogs as well. And with some google search I realized that its a quite simple job. Just follow the steps given below.

1) Login into your admin panel using the current URL and browse to Settings.

2) By default the General Settings page is loaded and there you get the following options as shown in the screen shot.

wordpress-blog-address-realin3) Now change the WordPress Address(URL) to the address where you have all the backyard files i.e. wp-admin folder and all other supporting files.

4) Now in the directory where your http://www.domain.com is pointing to copy the index.php from the install directory and change the path of wp-blog-header.php such that the line looks something like this :


Now for the userswho have permlinks activated need to copy .htaccess as well to the same level where new index.php is places.

That should do the trick altogether. Any questions, comments , feel free to share 🙂


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