SmartPhones gave a new face to the internet. A smartphone let’s you browse the internet instantly, no matter where you are. Today, every website has its separate mobile site for better usability. But it is very difficult for someone to develop a complete different mobile site.

But if you are using WordPress, then its matter of simply installing a plugin called WPtouch. This plugin converts your heavy on bandwidth blog to a simple light weight mobile friendly blog. Yes, its matter of installing this plugin and your blog will look similar to the image below.


The homepage looks very cool, which lets your search instantly right from the top bar. When you click to open a post, it is very easy to read since this plugin removes sidebar, or any widget(s) installed on your blog. The content page looks as shown below in the image.


This plugin also allows users to switch back to the full version of the website. This is done, by clicking the button given at the footer of the mobile website. Your visitors will be automatically shown this compact mobile website, when they will browse your website from the mobile browser.


This way your users will love to read your blog on their favorite mobile device and with a simple plugin your blog is optimized for the Mobile users.

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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