Have you fantasized of showing twitter like time on your blog, like posted 2 days ago ? I am sure after twitter showing this kind of time every web application wanted to show the same. WordPress introduced this long back(since v 1.5.0) but is used by very less people in the blogging community. I am going to show you how you can use WordPress function human_time_diff function to show the human readable time.

This is a very simple WordPress function which takes two arguments and returns the human readable time such as “1 hour”, “5 mins”, “2 days”. You might have noticed that I implemented the same on Digimantra few days back. I have used the following function –

// human time in wordpress
function human_time($time){
echo human_time_diff($time,current_time('timestamp'))." ago";

To show the time simply replace the old function the_time() with the following function and you should be good.


Notice that I have used get_the_time() instead of the_time() since as a standard in WordPress the functions with get_ prefix return values and without get echo the value of the function. I am assuming that your theme has used the_time() function since this is the standard while developing themes in WordPress.

Hope this nifty little code snippet helps you. If you have any questions, do share!

Stay Digified!!
Sachin Khosla

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