This is going to be very short, brief blog entry but is sure gonna be useful. I used these tricks for the SEO part and trust me it gave me really good results. SEO is really a wide scope in itself and i dont know if i can grasp it all 😛

Well for me the following tricks for like a charm for wordpress blog.

1) Install All-in-one SEO plugin and put in the keywords which you think can bring traffic to your blog.

2) Activate Permalink in your wordpress blog and keep it to something relevant which covers keywords. You can visit my previous blog entry here

3) Create sitemap, use this plugin and submit it to the google webmaster tools.

4) Use YARPP, its not a SEO related but trust me it will increase the time which user spends on your blog.

5) Assign appropriate categories and tags for the post, cause the categories can help in SEO when used in permalinks.

Add your ideas in the comments 🙂

Cheers !!
Realin !

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