Recently twitter is sending email notification when your handle is mentioned. This feature is not activated for everyone but for few people. But in my timeline eveyone is complaining about this “not needed” feature. Since you get many mentions on twitter each day, half of you day will be spent cleaning your mailbox 🙂

So to avoid that you have to disable email notification for the same.

Steps to  disable email notification for Twitter replies

  • Login into your twitter account.
  • Click on settings and then go to Notifications tab.
  • You will see the following two options added under Activity
    Image credits @reedeegay


Uncheck the options to disable email notification when you are mentioned on twitter or when a tweet is retweeted. Click on the “Save” to get rid of the email which you are getting.

That was pretty simple, right ?

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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