TwitterTwitter is a great app to find new and like minded people – cool people, to network with them, to have great conversations and yet a lot of people fail to get the best out of Twitter. They get lost in the numbers and fade away, or keep struggling to achieve their dreams of Twitter glory. In this post, we will look at some things that people do in hopes of finding a shortcut to Twitter glory. Yep – Don’t do this on Twitter. Respect the medium, and it will earn you respect.

  1. First of all, forget the notion of finding a shortcut to success. There are no shortcuts. You want to be a Twitter celebrity, right? Look at all the celebrities you admire. They all started small, they all struggled to become what they are today. It was their hard work and their qualities that made them the star, not some shortcut. It didn’t happen overnight. There are no magic wands in the real world.
  2. Twitter is not about your follower’s count. It is the place to have great conversations. Don’t become artificial in your attempts to have follower-inducing conversations. Be yourself. Don’t act, don’t overdo things. If you lose focus, you wont have good conversations. Nor will you have a good follower count. On the other hand, if you have good conversations, you will also build a following. The key is quality conversations.
  3. It so happens on Twitter that the more people you follow, the more people will follow you. But that don’t mean that you should start following any Tom, Dick, and Harry simply to have a huge follower count. That won’t help. It would not only result in a diminished and distributed following for you, but also cause you to miss a lot of conversations from people you should really follow.
  4. Don’t call yourself a Social Media Evangelist, simply because you have a Twitter account. 4 out of 10 Twitter users (possibly the ratio is even worse) are already so called ‘social media evangelists’. By calling yourself one, chances are that you include yourself in a crowd of jerks than distinguish yourself as intended. Be innovative. Be yourself.
  5. Don’t be an introvert on Twitter. If all you wanted to do was to talk with a couple of your frinds, Twitter is not meant for you. All your tweets are published on a public, global timeline. Anyone, anywhere can have a conversation with you. So should you.

One more thing you should try not to do is to follow the herd. Be yourself. You are unique (like everyone else). Use your common sense.

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