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Not too long shredders were a noisy office accessory. They were bulky, used to jam, needed constant cleaning & maintenance. Overall they never worked to our satisfaction when desired.

That started to change when Fellowes, Inc. designed and manufactured the very first personal shredder in 1990. The personal shredder from Fellowes truly revolutionized this often neglected piece of office equipment. Jamming being the number 1 compliant Fellowes literally jammed so many features into their shredders that the shredder never jams. Who else can claim 100% Jam Proof Functionality? The shredder also features a sophisticated sensor throat itself that measures the thickness of a paper stack being fed and automatically stops a paper jam even before it occurs.


The Fellowes 79Ci paper shredder packs some direly required features to make it a must have accessory. With proprietary SilentShred technology, one need not worry about noisy operation. The shredder is so designed as to look professional & can easily be placed among other office equipment. No more hiding the shredder from view in a dark & dingy corner of the office.

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Shredders have long been criticized for their poor safety standards. But the Fellowes 79Ci possesses the revolutionary SafeSense Technology. While other shredders simply can’t distinguish between a paper & finger, this shredder does & instantly stops if the advanced electronic safety sensor detects when hands accidentally touch the paper opening. No more accidents due to shredder at least!


Shredders’ main purpose is protection of privacy by shredding the documents beyond recognition. But, does your shredder really do that. There have been instances when shredded documents have been pieced together. Would you want that? Fellowes Inc have managed to innovate this too. The CrossCut Technology shreds a single paper into 399 tiny pieces. Thus the shredded paper is nearly impossible to piece back together.

The shredder does posses additional improvements which will make the buyer think, “Why did I not purchase this sooner?!” Fellowes Inc. have been observant to include different colored indicator lights that let the user know when they are nearing sheet capacity. A green to yellow light indicates the user is within paper capacity. This instant feedback allows a job to be completed faster and easier. No more wondering “Am I feeding the shredder correctly?


With so many features, one might think, the shredder might be priced high. But a suggested retail price of USD 239.99 makes it truly affordable to address personal shredding needs in the home, home office or business setting. What do you think about the innovations? Your comments will truly help us.

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