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After sharing twitpic API class with my blog visitors I have got a lot of visitors from Google which came to this blog searching for a code/plugin through which they can insert twitpic images into their blog-posts. Other than this got an anonymous request from a user who wanted to know how to insert twitpic images inside the blog-post.

I have published a wordpress plugin called wp-twitpic through which one can insert images from twitpic.com directly into blog-posts. You can change size, url, alignment etc. of the image. It is very simple to use as it allows you to use a shortcode to insert images.  The installation and usage notes are gives below :


1. Download wp-twitpic plugin and unzip the file.
2. Upload the folder wp-twitpic using FTP program into ‘wp-content/plugins/’  folder.
3. Activate the plugin and enjoy.


It is fairly simple to use wp-twitpic plugin. Make sure the plugin is activated in your wordpress’s plugin page and use any of the following shortcode while writing your blog post to display image from the twitpic.
This plugin uses the unique hash (id) provided by twitpic to display image in your post. This unique hash(id) can be found in the twitpic URL. For instance the link http://twitpic.com/d63jg has the hash(id) d63jg , which can be used in the following shortcodes as:

#Display twitpic thumb image with twitpic url.
[twitpic id=d63jg]
#Display a full size image
[twitpic id=d63jg size=full]
#Specify the alignment of the image.In the following case the css class is also assigned as 'alignright'
[twitpic id=d63jg size=full align=right]
#Override the default URL(should have http:// prefixed)
[twitpic id=d63jg size=full align=right myurl=http://www.digimantra.com]
#Specify a different css class to the image
[twitpic id=d63jg]
#Specify alt tag (note the quotes around the alt value, as it has white spaces in it)
[twitpic id=d63jg alt="my alt value"]
#Specify an image without any URL
[twitpic id=d63jg url=0]

Bugs & feature requests

This is my very first contribution to wordpress community. If you find any bugs or you want to get more features in this plugin or another plugins, kindly leave a comment in the same post. I will try to respond back quickly.

I am sure you are going to enjoy the plugin. Share the plugin and if you like it give it a good rating on the plugin’s homepage.

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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