Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing- The Future of Online Marketing

The whole concept of marketing has taken a giant leap in the past few years. With the advent of social networking websites, the concept of digital marketing has garnered attention from the consumers. The customers are free to give their opinion of products and services of any brand. Social media-

email marketing tips

Tips to Enhance Email Marketing

E-mail marketing which are based on user’s permission has a substantial hit rate as compared to unsolicited e-mail campaigns. The ways in which companies contact their customers have changed directly with the rapid increase in the number of internet users. A good e-mail marketing campaign knows its audience and target

instagram marketing

Grow Your Traffic with Instagram

In this developing and high paced developing world, the role of social media is imperative in mobilizing communities and people are much involved in disseminating information via these networks. Instagram is considered as the most prominent source to motivate followers or customers. Most people are fans of certain opinion leaders

content marketing guide

Content Marketing – How to do it efficiently?

Most of the small as well as big enterprises these days are relied upon content marketing, however the large chunk of their marketing budget goes for other traditional promotion activities. Content Marketing, as name suggests is the way to promote any business with the mode of written content presented effectively

Shopify App Store

10 Must-Have Shopify Apps

Shopify apps store offers more than 500 applications for functionality of an e-commerce store. So what are some of the must have amazing shopify plugins that you need to check out if you’re an ecommerce store owner? Lettuce: Inventory Management Cost: $39.00 / month (14 Days Free Trial) Lettuce is the

SaaS vs Self Hosted: Which Way Should You Go?

The recent years have witnessed a change in the way software and applications are delivered to users. The self-hosted software which is the traditional model consists of downloading and installation of the software on a computer or server. This model served as the most common form software delivery to institutions

Ecommerce Store

Ready? It’s time you open an ecommerce store

Physical stores have limitations like geographical location, store charges like rent and timings (a physical store remains open for certain duration). These limitations allow them to be reachable and accessible to only limited number of people. E-commerce websites help the stores and businesses in many ways: E-commerce stores makes your

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