Now Google to help you in making Recipes

17 Sep , 2011  

What if you search for your favorite food, dessert  in Google and along with search results you get some awesome recipe filters ? Yes, now when you search for a recipe on Google it recognizes it and display it’s ingredients along with other options – stunning ? I was searching for Blueberry ice-cream the other […]

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Google helps to understand tech jargon

12 Sep , 2011  

Google has started publishing videos that will make you understand Technical Jargon in simple english. Google privacy channel is present on YouTube which gets updated with all the videos concerning user’s security. Google’s effort to make web safe for users is commendable. User’s might feel bored to go through safety manuals which their ISP provide, […]

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Turn Off Auto Correct in Mac OS X Lion

6 Sep , 2011  

Learn how to turn off the annoying auto correct option in Mac OS X Lion

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How to inspect css hover , active property using firebug

28 Aug , 2011  

Know how to check and update CSS hover property of an element using Firebug addon in Firefox

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Enable Apache,PHP in Mac OS X

27 Aug , 2011  

Mac OS X comes with Apache,PHP pre-installed but is not enabled by default.These steps should help you enable PHP over Apache and you can start rolling.

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Enable Save and Quit tabs in Firefox

25 Aug , 2011  

This post shows you how you can enabled warning message which is shown when you quit Firefox. It is useful when you exit accidentally.

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Use Spotlight as calculator

15 Aug , 2011  

Use the spotlight utility for simple calculations. Quick & Easy way of doing the Arithmetic calculations.

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Task Manager in MAC

14 Aug , 2011  

Know how can you open a Task Manager for your MAC operating system.

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Apple : apt-get command for MAC

24 Jul , 2011  

Heard OS X is more like Linux ? But you might wonder that apt-get does not work by default in MAC OS X. Some folks are in love with apt-get and find it easier to install new applications using apt-get. So in this post I am going to show you how you can make apt-get […]

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WordPress : Run shortcode in PHP template file

23 Jul , 2011  

WordPress shortcode is very useful while creating new posts or pages. It is a nifty way to perform certain tasks in the post. For instance, if you want to add a youtube video or image gallery then WordPress shortcodes are quite useful. Many plugins provide their own shortcodes for displaying certain content or performing some […]

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