Seen the translation tab in the header of Digimantra. Well it certainly has to be there. I just went through the stats and found lots of people are translating our articles into different languages and for this they actually have to do it manually. So I think its the right time to enable, cause this is what our visitors wanted.

You can also enable this easy to use google translation tools. It hooks up on your site or post wherever you want and then a user selects a supported language to translate the page. It happens to be really powerful. Although does not guarantee 100% correct translation of content , but still works like charm for people who just want to get an idea or are used to real English + their regional language mix 🙂

To enabled translation just open the link and you  will get the code from there which you can paste in any of the html block. It renders the widget automatically to show you a drop down which enables the translation on your web site, like the one shown below


Hope you enable this one pretty soon.

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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