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Some of you might be wondering how to check an IP address. Well there are different ways to know your IP address. Some get to know it via ipconfig (for windows) and ifconfig(for linux), while some try to right click on the network icons in the system tray and check the status in their windows machine. Your IP address may be of two kinds – public or private.Most likely if you are behind a firewall or proxy servers then you are assigned private IPs which usually start from 10,172,192.

However you can quickly get to know your IP address by visiting the page I created for users all over the internet. The script is pretty naive and easy to write. I have used the following line of PHP to create the page “know your IP address“.

//any sorta HTML wrapped around the IP address

Hope this becomes a handy tool for you guys to check your IP whenever needed. Please note that you should not disclose your IP address in public or share it with someone. Sharing your IP in public may result in any sort of hack attempt to your computer or it may be DDOSed which in any case will prevent you to use your system normally. So please be vigilant and stay safe.

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