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After much anticipation twitter finally released its new homepage with the new look of a real time search engine last week. Before twitter made its homepage live we got to hear many other changes like introducing retweet (RT) button from different sources. One of my friend also claimed to see the RT button on the twitter’s homepage, even before they introduced, probably a test for few users. However there are users who do not want to wait for twitter to integrate that RT button and instead want to use that extra functionality right now on twitter’s web interface. So for them Firefox has a solution, an addon named Power Twitter which adds all the bling & bells to twitter which almost every desktop client has.power_twitter_48x48

Power Twitter addon adds following feature to your twitter web interface.

-search and recent searches
-search scoped to a specific user
-status history peeking on mouseover
-Facebook status updates
-inline YouTube, Flickr, TwitPic, Google Maps, song.ly, and more
-url expansion
-url translation to page titles
-open web update (news feed) mapping
-custom settings
-photo uploading
-link shrinking
-Top Friends group/filter
-multiple photo service support (TwitPic, yFrog, TweetPhoto, TwitGoo)
-Daily Question for fun tweeting
-https support
-assorted bug fixes
-quite speedy with Firefox 3.5!

So if you do not want to download that hefty adobe air framework + an application combo, your can have all those features in your twitter.com web interface. However the same feature is already there on seesmic-web , for which you do not even need to have any addon, you should also give it a try.

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