Today Seesmic team has launched Seesmic web , a web based version of their twitter application called Seesmic desktop. Seesmic Desktop 0.4 which we reviewed sometime back had some major positive changes in its UI. Now with the launch of web version of Seesmic, I bet they are going to capture more number of users. Well to tell you the fact its an awesome web application. Before google could launch Google Wave and before the advent of HTML5 they have tried their level best to create another real time web application.

Do we really need a web application ?

Yeah we do , simply because the default interface provided by the twitter is not very user friendly. It has very limited option and you have to move pages for different stuff. Seesmic Web works more like a desktop application just got fitted into the browser. Its fast, easy to use and the great UI makes it a perfect web application to tweet for. There are other apps as well, but they are more or less replica of the same old twitter UI, but seesmic web has got its own wonderful UI.

Now let us see some unmatched features, which are provided by seesmic web :

Getting Started

Unlike twitter desktop applications, which require Adobe’s AIR , you do not have to installing anything in the browser. No plugin, no addons, simple type in to get you started.

Quick, easy and alike

As discussed above its really quick and has an easy user interface. It is more like any twitter desktop application so you get adapted quickly to start using it. Updating tweets from a desktop application may take time, but this is real quick, because the things would go straight instead of piping through the AIR Framework.


Security has been a major issue since twitter has been attacked many times by various phishing applications and malware scripts. It has got twitter’s OAUTH authentication making you secure , as you do not have to enter your password into a third party application.

User Interface

I have mentioned this since start of the post that User Interface is one thing which Seesmic has put forward in this application. Direct Messages is something which all other applications never took seriously. But this application gives a new way to interact through direct messages. It gives you the number of messages you sent and received and other information. I simply loved this feature and the bubble display is awesome. Look at it yourself.

Click to view full size image

Compact and Full mode

Do not want a cluttered or shiney display, well seesmic provides you a comapct display which will line up all your conversation in one deck. So that you can read lot many tweets in one screen without having to scroll more. You can actually reply from this list, its more quicker to respond through the list mode.

The compact view of seesmic - click to view full size

The full mode of the seesmic is again has got a brilliant user interface. You can choose to have full mode for a particular deck and list mode for other. A particular example would be a list or compact mode for timeline and a full view for mentions or replies deck.

Click to view the full size of image
Click to view the full size of image

User Bio and VCard

I never thought imagined that viewing user’s BIO would be so much easy. In present desktop application, it sometime takes ages to load user info, but in this application just hover above the twitter handle and you will see small VCARD info, and if you think you need to view the complete BIO, then click on it and you will see a complete profile deck on the right side. All this in one window and without any page reload, yeah we are doing this all in a browser, amazing ?


Feedback & Support

Another best part of Seesmic is that they provide good support and are ready to take any sort of feedback, let it be positive or negative. However you can get live support on twitter thru @askseesmic. You can also follow the founder of Seesmic applications Loic Le Meur who is proactive on twitter. Not happy with the seesmic apps or if you have any sort of feedback then you can give it at


Seesmic has provided really good twitter applications. They started by acquiring famous twitter application called Twhirl which was also build on AIR. However they did not update twhirl anymore as it was more focused on a single user twitter account. However with Seesmic you can build your own community mashup. You can add multiple accounts, add facebook account and create groups. So I am now waiting for tweetdeck and others to respond for Seesmic this major step in the twitter’s web applications. I bet programmers at twitter sure envy the ones who developer this brilliant web application called Seesmic Web.

Go Experience it now

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Sachin Khosla

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