“WTH is Yahoo Meme “, this is what @neobluepanther tweeted me today after I talked about Yahoo Meme on twitter. Most of you do not know about this project of Yahoo as it was not available in English language before few days back. But Yahoo is definitely coming up with something bigger to make things tougher for the twitter. Yahoo meme is very much similar to twitter and is another alternative to micro-blogging.

My Yahoo meme page is http://meme.yahoo.com/realin/ and I tried to dissect it for the visitors of Digimantra.

How is it Different than twitter ?

There are lot of differences between twitter and Yahoo meme. Twitter on its homepage only allows you to post text in the form of tweets. On the other hand Yahoo Meme, allows you to post different type of content like text, pictures, video and even music. So that breaks the limit to rely on third-party APIs to post images and other stuff as a part of micro-blogging.


Yahoo meme does not seem to have character limit for posting your text that is unlike twitter which has a character limit of 140 chars. This possibly gave rise to many URL shortening services in the internet today.

Yahoo meme has a Dog as its brand icon instead of a twitter bird irony ?

Look & Feel

Yahoo meme is still in the alpha version, but from the very first experience it worked without any error messages or crashes – impressive ? The user interface is very neat and looks pretty rigid. When I tried to view the source of the dashboard page, I could find the traces of JQuery code, instead of YUI, that is pretty strange though.  However, the Ajax works pretty nice and is decent enough to work seamlessly, its probably because there are few users on the server who are sending requests.

Other than this it comes with few built-in themes which are already present in your settings area. Currently they provide 6 themes all in total and no custom theme support as if now, remember its alpha version. The switching of themes is instant in comparison to twitter theme switching interface. yahoo-meme-dog

How do I get invited ?

Yes you guessed it right that Yahoo meme is invite only and I have 10 invites left with me. So if you need Yahoo meme’s instant invite leave a comment here. Please do not type your email address in the comment (to prevent spam), just fill in the email address in the Mail address field. I will definitely send you the invite, if I am left with any.

At the same time you can always get invited directly from yahoo meme. All you have to do is just visit their homepage and leave your email address there. They will send you invite depending upon the request pipeline.

What’s there for the developers ?

Yahoo Meme, has not launched any sort of API for the developers. So think this is the only point where Meme is lagging behind twitter. But as its in alpha version, may be they are planning to launch it when they reach near stability. But whenever it is going to be launched, it will definitely rock the scene.

If you need to know latest about Yahoo meme, you can follow /thememe to know more or at-least view its updates.To know more about Yahoo meme, visit its about page.

Hope you like what Yahoo is building for you. Go and meme about it.

Stay Digified !!
Sachin Khosla

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