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Most of us use Outlook Express for our work Email and few others use it for their personal accounts as well. At times you may need to schedule some emails to be sent later in the day. Or you might want to write certain emails and schedule it in such a way that all of them should not be sent in one go. Or there can be instances when you are traveling and you do not have access to network. So whatever the condition may be, all we want is to schedule email. So lets not go into theory anymore straight a way tell you how do you schedule emails in Outlook Express. I am gonna use Microsoft Outlook 2002 and the steps I am going to do are:

1) Open Outlook and compose a new message, type-in your message and email address on the to,cc field etc.

2) Now goto view and click on options (for office 2007, you can find options in the toolbar). Another popup menu will open, Just check the option “Do Not Deliver Before” and specify the date and time for the email to be sent.(as show in the below screenshot).


3) After you complete composing your email and scheduling it as show above. Click send to save the email in outbox. When you click send the mail does not gets sent instantly, instead it stays in the outbox, until the time you specified in the scheduler.

Make sure you leave your outlook express open, otherwise the mail will not be sent once you close the application. You can lock the computer for security reasons, but do not close the Microsoft Outlook.

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