If you are a developer and you are using Windows 7, installing IIS (internet information server) would be the first thing you would like to do. Installing IIS is just installing one of the Windows component but the steps involved are sometimes hard to find, since its not installed by default. So let’s continue step by step.

1) Go to control panel from start menu or simply type “control” in the run menu and hit enter. If you are having category view then click on programs and then click on “Turn windows feature on or off”, as shown in the screenshot below.


2) Next, you will see a list of programs available in windows that can be turned on or off. Expand the options and check the one which you require.


3) When windows finish the update process, open your browser and type http://locahost , it will show you the following splash screen of IIS, which is stored by default at C drive inside inetpub>wwwroot


Install and enjoy your development on IIS7.

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