There is no doubt that beauty of car lies in the handling, power and mileage but people outside the car judge it on a totally different parameter. The exteriors of your car say a lot about you. The cost of installing a vinyl sticker to your car body is quite expensive. It has been observed and thought by many that a car requires a lot of money as input for up gradation. A car never provided its owner with money as output. CASHurDRIVE breaks the trend. CASHurDRIVE is an innovative ‘on-vehicle’ advertising concept by Raghu Khanna (Founder and CEO). They are the pioneers in this form of advertising in India. CASHurDRIVE brings the advertisers more nearer to the masses. One does need not to be rocket scientist to understand the working of CASHurDRIVE. The vehicle owners are paid in the form of Monetary funds/Fuel vouchers. Apart from the rewards, what makes this advertising platform a complete win-win is that it is absolutely free to join for vehicle owners!


(How to Avail This Golden Opportunity)

  • Open the source website (
  • Signup by filling a online form(
  • CASHurDRIVE adds your details in their database, which claims to have a data of about 12.800 cars from North India.
  • CASHurDRIVE shortlists as per your requirement and introduce you to prospective clients.
  • Once the brand is selected, a vinyl sticker (high-quality) would be placed on car by professionals without causing any damage to the car
  • The duration of vinyl sticker on car remains as long as the time the contract is signed between the vehicle owner and advertisers.

This concept has no space for flaws. CASHurDRIVE makes sure that owner/driver fulfills some basic criteria to ensure that BRAND NAME distribution is not in the wrong hands. Some of the norms are as follows –

· Possess a full and valid driving license

· Be able to show proof of vehicle ownership

· Have valid motor insurance for the vehicle

· Not have had any at-fault accidents in the past 2 months.

· Never have received a conviction for Drinking & Driving.

· Sign a contract outlining their responsibilities and conduct during the term of an advertisement.

· Ensure the vehicle intended for Ad Placement is in good condition.
Supply and maintain the vehicle in a clean condition.

· Agree to random spot-checks during the CASHurDRIVE campaign.


There is a decrease in the effective output generated by the printing media. Thus advertisers require a new way to reach out the crowd. CASHurDRIVE provides the advisers the same. Brand Owners can promote their product via CASHurDRIVE by just filling a online form (which hardly takes 2 minutes to fill). It enables the products to reach the people 24 *7. A Wheel-board Ad Campaign will be in front of people eyes.

(Hidden Features) –

  • Advertisement is eco-friendly in nature. No harm to the Mother Nature
  • Cost Effective
  • Effective Results (Product Promotion is always on the go)

CASHurDRIVE generates revenue by bringing the two together. This is a health form of business as we have satisfied customers at both ends.


Stay digified !!!

Nitish jha

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