Where did RSS Feed icon in Firefox 4 go ?

27 Jun , 2011  

Many firefox users including me used to love the RSS icon which used to be displayed in the address bar. It quickly lets you subscribe to the RSS feed of the current website which¬† you are on. Strange that you have lost your favorite RSS icon in Firefox 4. If you did not use it, […]

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Restore GRUB in Ubuntu after installing Windows

26 Jun , 2011  

So, you had Ubuntu (or any of its derivative) installed on your system and then decided to install Windowswith it? And after installing Windows, you can’t load Ubuntu again, just follow the steps to get this working: Boot the system using a Ubuntu Live disk. After you reach the desktop, open Terminal (press Alt+F2, type […]

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WordPress wp_nav_menu separator and First Last Classes

16 Jun , 2011  

wp_nav_menu is a wordpress built-in plugin that allows you to show navigation in the front-end. This simple function picks the menu defined in the wp-admin dashboard and displays it as the list. Just like other wordpress functions this is also powerful. It takes various parameters to customize the output of the navigation. You can also […]

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How to reset lost MySQL password

8 Jun , 2011  

how you can rest a lost MySQL password. Using this procedure you can reset the lost password of root or any other MySQL user. The best part is, it only resets the password, keeping your tables and data inside them quite safe.

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Top 10 SEO tips for your website

26 May , 2011  

Top 10 SEO tips for your website

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Disable email notification for Twitter replies and retweets

25 May , 2011  

Disable email notification for Twitter replies which is recently introduced by Twitter

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Firefox: Check all your installed plugins for update

23 May , 2011  

Firefox: Check all your installed plugins for update

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Display WordPress post content outside the WordPress

12 May , 2011  

Display WordPress blog posts outside the WordPress

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Change your crontab editor

9 May , 2011  

Change your default editor for crontab

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MySQL: Increment an existing record in the table

6 Apr , 2011  

MySQL: Increment or Decrement an existing record in the table.

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