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This is an old school trick, some of you are aware of it, while some are not. I showed this to one of my colleague and he was amazed. So I decided to share it with my readers. You can feel the glory of winning freecell in less than 3 secs with this trick. All you have to do is follow the trick explain below.


  1. Open freecell, and press ctrl + shift + f10.
  2. You will see a prompt dialogue as show in the picture below.
  3. Press Abort or Retry.
  4. Now make any move valid or invalid and and you will win the game.

Most of us do not play card games, but there are people who still love to play these games in the college labs and office hours. Hope to see you as a freecell master among your friends. You might have noticed that when you win the game by this trick the cards placed in the top deck are not in series, which is not the case when you complete the game in the legit way.

Stay Digified!!
Sachin Khosla

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