Hi People,

I should rather call you photoshop lovers, right ? We are going to create a very simply yet eye catching but sober buttons in photoshop. They are simple light in weight and can be used the way you want. You can also add some glossy look if you wish to. But these days not many people like website with those glossy looks. Here is the final output which you will get after reading this tutorial.


However many web-developers, webmasters, designers do not like to use images as buttons, but these can be used if you design them wisely on a website, for eg. embedding them on a image-sheet or sprite. Now lets not waste your time and let me show you how quickly you can create these buttons.

1) Open photoshop and create a new document with width 600 and height 400. I like wider workspace, but it depends on your preference.

2) Give background layer black color or white (if transparent), so that you can see clearly the borders etc.

3) Now pick the Rounded Rectangular Tool(U) from the tool box and with paths as selected action & radius 10px. Draw a wide rectangle with an estimate to what your button should look like.


4) Right click inside the rectangle and choose make selection, as shown in the picture below.


5) Now create a new layer and pick the Gradient(G) Tool from the toolbar. Please use the following configuration for the gradient tool setting and draw the gradient in the vertical direction (upside-down).


6) Now there are times when you want to create more than just one button. So you can use the same selection as above to maintain the size and structure of the button.Todo so, create another layer and select the Marquee Tool(M) and then move the selection downwards.


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