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Wondering that how can you use those beautiful themes which are displayed in the Destroy Twitter’s theme section ? After I wrote review about Destroy Twitter lot of my friends and visitors starting use that client and actually liked it very much. Some of them tried to create beautiful themes to match their desktop themes or to match their website colors. But after creating themes using the theme builder , the challenge was that to how to install or use those shiny themes ? destroy-twitter

However there is no browse kind of option in the preferences of Destroy Twitter, so you have to manually follow the following steps.

  1. After you created theme at the theme builder, save the theme in your PC.
  2. Copy the theme file which has extension dtwt.
  3. Now paste this file in your [settings directory]\DestroyToday\DestroyTwitter\themes . If you have not changed your setting’s directory then by default it should be My Documents.

After that restart destroy twitter, if its running already. Now you will be able to see that theme in the theme list and it can be changed. For those who do not know how and where to change theme. Please open Destroy twitter, click on preferences tab from the bottom navigation menu, scroll down a bit and you will be able to see the Themes section.

So go ahead create your own theme in the playground and enjoy.

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Sachin Khosla

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